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    Thread: Laptop prices??

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      Laptop prices??

      Hi we were just considering buying a new laptop from Tesco but then had second thoughts as we thought we might as well wait now and buy one when we get to Adelaide. The one we have looked at here in the UK is an Acer Aspire 5332, 15.6"HD LCD, 3GB mem, 500gb HDD currently selling for 400 at Tesco

      Anyone know or recently purchased a laptop in Adelaide and what spec/model just so we can compare?

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      These two websites are probably two of the more reasonably priced places that I know of. JBHIFI is a walk in shop and the other is online orders only. Check out if the warranty is easy to claim on if you buy from UK and then end up having to get it fixed here. My Acer laptop had a couple of problems which they fixed but it did require them taking it away and sending it interstate as they don't do the repairs in Adelaide (under warranty anyway).

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      We bought a Dell about 6 months ago. 4 gb ram, Intel i5 2.27 ghz chip, 500gb hard drive, dvd drive, can't remember size of screen. Just over $1000, and that's pretty good value over here. At 1.6 to the pound that probably doesn't look too good to you, given you're still in UK. We all have to think in dollars over here, but you've got the option. As mentioned think about warranty. Customs here allow $900 per person for stuff under 1 year old, if it hasn't changed recently. best to check it out.

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      Of course, you will have to use a plug adaptor for charging as your charger will have a different plug...not a problem really....
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      From what I've seen it won't make a lot of difference as prices are about the same. So long as you buy from a reputable dealer and a decent make I don't see any problems. I've brought my laptop with me and have my main pc in my shipping but I'm a techie and would get withdrawal if I was tech-less for too long.

      Do you really need a laptop? If you never travel with one for work and only ever use it at home you're probabaly better off getting a desktop. Desktops are easier to up date and you can buy new bits for them as things get old or break but that's not really possible with a laptop and VERY wexpensive. the other thing to think about is what you're going to use it for. Email, facebook and skype aren't going to hammer the resources like doing graphic design or programming. Don't get fooled by flashy ads that you need more resources than you really do. If it's capable of running Windows 7 its probably fine unless you're a techie :)

      I would recommend getting either a usb stick or an external hard drive if you're bringing stuff from the uk. I've backed up both my PCs onto mine and brought it with me just in case. I also had scanned copies of all my important documents in case my suitcase went missing on the flight.
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      Also check out MSY. They have local shops in Adelaide which have over the counter sales. You can get some good bargains with them.
      Heres the general home page MSY-The name you can trust-More than 14yrs In IT industry-Nationalwide branches serve you & offer the best IT price everyday - get your sunglasses out ! the web site is not the best around, but more the content is important!
      The direct page for laptops is : http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/notebook.pdf

      Also although manufacturers quote "international warranties", the reality is when you need a repair, they could use all sorts of excuses, especially if the exact model is not available internationally, to avoid doing repairs for you. Just something to be aware of. Good luck!



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