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you should have a sa driving licence withing 3months of arrival in SA. The exception is if you are on a student visa. I would go to motor reg and get an SA licence before you get another (quite hefty) fine!!!
Hi, we have been here 2 years on a 457 visa and i'm still using my UK licence. Rich has only recently changed his to an aussie one 3 months ago as we bought a new car and needed the Aus driver number to go through with it. Also, he had 5 demerit points from my speeding(!!!!) cos both our cars are in his name and they were not transferred onto the SA licence. He now holds clean UK and Aus licences. When we went back to the UK, we rang the DVLA to see which licence to use there and they said to use the UK one as normal as we are not permenant residents of australia yet therefore can still be classed as residents of the UK.