Used a scoupon deal last night at the Hurry Curry bar (Takeaway)on Grange Road at henley Beach late yesterday afternoon. Thought by using the voucher at least it wouldn't hurt the wallet as much if it was crap.

Well instead of the normal fish and Chips on the beach we had a fantastic curry. It was awesome. 2 popadoms, 2 nan breads, 5 pakoras, 1 large rice, 1 Chicken Vindaloo, (tindaloo next time), 1 Beef Madras, 3 dips, 1 bottle of Coke, all for $25. The Chicken and Beef just melted in the mouth and the spices wow!

Just be careful of the open close time, alslook out for the owners handlebar moustache

Welcome to the Hurry Curry Bar! Open 7 days from 4.30pm - 8.30pm, 640 Grange Road, Henley Beach, South Australia, 5022.