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    Thread: Nick is Back!!

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      Nick is Back!!

      Ladies, I am delighted to announce that the Nick, the cheeky cockerney hairdresser has finally bowed to the pressure of my constant nagging and returned to Adelaide after two long, long years in the wilderness that is Eastbourne...

      Seriously, Nick is a fabulous guy, very professional , very talented and all round top bloke. I think he will be working mainly in the southern suburbs but give him a call wherever you're based. His mobile number is 0466 435412.

      Welcome back Nick, Mel and the girls, we are delighted to have you back in beautiful Adelaide!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      He did my hair once, just before he left, gosh that seems such a long time ago.
      I have tried so many hairdressers while in Oz and can not find the right one.

      Defo give him a ring when I next due for a cut & colour.

      Thanks and welcome back Nick and family



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