HiThis is just for anybody wanting to buy a new trailer to urge them to err on the side of caution.We are just about to collect our brand new tradesman trailer. We ordered it in January and were told that it would take three weeks to make. Delivery would be 14th Feb (romantic eh). On delivery date they still had not made it, then they did not put the proper foot plates on. Went to view it this week as finally ready and there is a crack in the wheel arch which they say is a scratch and have painted over it. Real bug bear though is that they have charged rego from 9th Feb and not even collected yet. Spoke to OCBA and Rego and both have said they should not have done this. Chap gave us discount on footplates so is not willing to discount rego.The Trailer place is in Lonsdale and Pooraka. So just be warned that won't be ready when they say it is and will charge for rego before you get it. Apart from that splendidJason