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      tax refund - on visa 475

      would appreciate some advise on items that we can claim in our tax refund for visa 475
      we heard that we can refund some amount as a compensation of not having medicare by the government

      we r paying private medical insurance , school calculators , computers for students , internet usage ,....

      thank you
      adelaide in july

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      A few things you can claim for:

      Work clothes (if it has a logo or is safety work wear)
      Cleaning of work clothes
      Sun cream/hat/sunnys if you work outside
      Travel expenses (if you travel for work other than your usual place of work i.e meetings)
      Medical if over $300 (and not claimed on medicare or insurance)
      School supplies/uniform
      Internet usage for work/school

      that's all I can think of at the moment but if you go to a tax accountant they will tell you everything you can claim for. we use H & R block at Seaford.



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