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    Thread: GST claim at ariport!!! >1000 $

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      GST claim at ariport!!! >1000 $

      Hi, Recently purchsed some goods worth around 1500$ that i know I can claim the GST at the irport, As I leaving the country for a month , just wondering If I gotto bring them back in do I need to pay the entire Gst back ???also, Say If i am brigngin some alcohol adn smokes bought overses while returning do I need to pay the Additional tax along with the good that I claimed GST before my depparture??? Anyone body out there to recomment me the best bet.. please........... :jimlad:

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      You can bring into the country up to $900 of duty free goods.
      If you claim tax back on something when you leave the country you have to include it in the $900 when you return. and the item must be shown at the airport with the Tax receipt
      E.G I claimed tax on a $600 bracelet for my wife when I left Australia. When I returned with the bracelet, I only had a duty free allowance of $300.
      If you exceed the $900 limit, you pay duty on all items and not just the items that exceed the limit.
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