I would like to recommend SA Quality Home Improvements who installed our solar power system. Our solar system was fitted in less than 3 weeks of signing up, fitted on 8th September and ETSA came and sorted the meter out on 23rd September and we are all switched on and generating solar power.

I am a very thorough customer and do a lot of research and make it clear to the companies we use that we expect a high standard of work and SA Quality Home Improvements ensured me they could meet our expectations and they did. I checked the credentials of the solar fitter on the Clean Energy Council website and what I liked about SA Quality Home Improvements is the fitter is there all the time, where as a lot of companies use anyone (often not tradies) and then the person who has to sign off on the solar just turns up at the end of the process and puts their signature on a form without seeing any of the work done.

As the name suggests they also do other home improvements, which is another reason we chose them, because solar is not their only business and we thought the 'solar shop' effect would happen and purely solar places would start closing down.