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      New pomme in Adelaide, great with IT

      Hi there guys, i've just moved to the amazingly beautiful Adelaide and have been recommended this site as a place to interact with some like-minded people. I am just posting to see if there is anyone out there that could use me. I'm really rather good at using computers and i am free and available to help anyone out with any issues they may have. This could be anything from installations of wifi, software problems, or just lessons in how to use your computers. Prices are negotiable, and obviously if there's something i can't do or fix, then i wouldn't dream of charging you.
      In terms of the lessons, Macs and PCs are more my area, though i can do a fair bit with Linux too. I'm more than happy to spend as much time as you need showing you what you actually want to learn. So if there's anything that's been bugging you for a while, then chances are i can help you out (as i have been doing for the past 3 weeks with the in-laws.....but that's a whole other story :P).

      Anywhoo, please feel free to contact me for any further details. And enjoy the really hot weather coming, because i sure will be :D


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      Just thought, my email is: yakuzaonline2002@gmail.com
      Sorry, forgot to include that :D
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