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    Thread: Beware Short Term Rentals

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      Beware Short Term Rentals

      My feedback on ************** Dec2011-Jan2012My hubby and 3 wee ones and me stayed in ************* following arrival from Scotland. Nice house and big garden. Separate toilet and distant bathroom so not perfect but good big garden for our 2,3 and 4 year old to play. When I booked last July I made it clear we had wee ones. Paid in full 650AUD per week plus 500AUD security, including 100AUD min clean fee(25 per hour) for checkout. On arrival I emailed ************* the owner, to say the couch was torn and ask about Internet(supposed to be wireless). She gave me her mum's number as she was overseas and her mum stated there was no wireless. A bit disappointing but we're finally in Oz, we're exhausted and our 3 kids missed home so why make a fuss?The house was functional for our stay and we found a rental NE nearer work. I cleaned and washed fridge etc and felt quite happy with the job done. We moved north without furniture(held at customs) and cleaned new rental and got kids settled with gumtree bunks and a borrowed cot from a lady who works at Edge church(thanks again). At 10pm I checked emails and was truly horrified to read an email from ******************** Claiming "every wall and door filthy", couch torn, "grafitti" on patio and claims that our 500 deposit would not cover damages. She said the house needed repainted and threatened to report me to office of consumer affairs. I was totally gutted and really angry. Eventually I caught her by phone and challenged her email. I went to the property 2 days after leaving. I spent about 80 mins cleaning some crayon marks and kids' handprints off Walls with Doktor Power sponge then I washed the crayon "grafitti" spaceship my 4 year old had drawn off the patio whilst ******* husband stood nearby hosing the same bit of garden. It was a bit demoralising. He then went on a rampage blaspheming and accusing me of wrecking the paint with a scourer. I questioned the quality of their paint. Dulux wash and wear clearly doesn't wash or wear all that well. I told them about the email to ********* about the damaged couch and they didn't even apologise for false accusations. They tried to blame us for damage to pots and pans that were already worn when we arrived. She couldn't produce a single document stating that she was the property manager. She and ********* have posted on PIA before and made it look like they are arms length when in fact they are family. I have no issue with family business but the customer has to know who they are dealing with. We eventually got our deposit back minus some replacement linen costs and steam cleaned dining chairs. My advice is DON'T GO THERE! if I had not challenged her we'd be out 250 dollars. Think how that could mount up as a nice earner on top of rental. We are vulnerable on arrival. Clueless and exhausted but you have to wise up fast. Learn your rights and don't be afraid to challenge people. It is a nice home and I read reports from lots of you about ********* properties. I can't recommend them as they seem well dodgy to me. If you do end up there then don't feed the kids cocopops on the dining chairs, save the 20 dollar steam clean charge. PS this is not a thread to slag people off. I am happy to be challenged on anything I've written. I made my feelings very clear to ******* and ********last weekend. New migrants with young kids just don't need the extra hassle. Hope all the newbies are settling well. Thanks for all the helpful posts on this siteKerry**Admin Note: Please PM Member for Company Details as name and shame posts are not permitted on the forum**
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