Due to an upcoming house move i done some research with the big companies, pickfords etc to obtain a quote. The prices were excessive. I was passed the details of a local independant removal company from a good friend. This company have since completed the removal for my friends son and he was impressed with the service and the competitive price. I have contacted the company and they attended my address and gave a quote. The quote was good but being a Scotsman there was still a little bit of room for negotiation

My removal is not for another few weeks but from what i have seen and heard so far i am happy to pass on a recommendation in advance so that anyone moving in the near future can contact them and hopefully save some hard earned cash. I will update the post after my removal and let you know how it went.

The guy who deals with the quotes is Gary and his contact number is 0422720044. I have told him i will post his details on here so might be worth mentioning the site when it comes to negotiating the price.