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      Short Term Rental - Recommendation

      Hi All

      For those of you who are planning to come over, I thought I would let you know that if you require a very short stay till you sort out your rental, I can recommend a Motel in North Adelaide. They were so helpful in everyway giving advise etc... and this is a ideal location, short bus ride to the city and you can easily walk there as well.

      Princes Lodge Motel
      73 LeFevre Terrace
      North Adelaide

      Phone 61 8 8239 0787
      Fax 61 8 8239 0787

      We pre booked this hotel back from England and booked the rooms 4 months before we arrived.

      If you fly in early, they will have your room ready for you, they service your room everyday and you do get breakfast as well, toast, cereal, coffee, tea.

      We stayed here for 4 weeks, till we found somewhere to rent.

      If you ask for Andrew, he will be more then happy to help you, this is of course if he has the rooms available so book well in advance.


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