Just thinking that this may really benefit some of you who are here with your lovely families, and got a lot of people missing out on seeing your kids grow up. My SIL is starting out in photography (meaning that she has had a business going for some time but is really now only looking for building up her portfolio and offering a great deal to families for a photo shoot).


This is her facebook page. Amy Dee Photography. We did a photo shoot with her on Australia day at the Botanic Gardens, and I can't tell you what it means to me, to have moments of our family captured by someone else, and not me for a change, but also her camera and her ability mean that the photos totally outclass anything I can take. What's more - we had FUN. I have always hated prof photo shoots, but this was amazing, and more than that, the one of my children who hates having his photo taken and doesn't really know how to smile for a photo, really enjoyed himself and she got some great shots of him.

Am not overdoing it, just really sharing this because not only would it be good for my SIL to get the business, more than that I can't tell you how big an issue this was for me that we didn't have any decent family photos and it was starting to really get me down. Money is always an object for these things but my SILs fb status is as follows:

If anyone in Adelaide area is interested in a mini photoshoot with me, let me know. I'm currently just building up my portfolio so any willing models are welcome (esp any newborns, babies or young children). Contact me through my facebook page for more info. Cost is donation of $85 for the shoot and dvd of images (including photo collages and facebook cover photos).