Just thought I'd pop this up for any couples who are looking for somewhere to stay when they get off the boat, so don't need a huge full house as short term accommodation (as lovely as that is, its probably a bit ott and more money than a couple need to spend when finding their feet :) ). We're staying in a place in North Adelaide that is LOVELY - its owned by a young doctor who rents out the spare rooms basically to help pay the mortgage - he's generally working most/all the time (or sleeping!) so basically its generally just been us here a lot of the time - there is another guy who stays here as well (a marine biology student), but he doesn't seem to be around much either.

Its a modern huge townhouse, right in the centre of North Adelaide, so brilliant location, and is much cheaper than a caravan park/chalet we've found (especially for the room you have). The free connector bus stops right outside too, so that helps with getting around a bit as well and a short stroll from O'Connell st. The only down side is its sort of spoilt us and we now want to live in a massive house in North Adelaide lol (well who knows, we may win the lotto one day LOL)

Just thought I'd put it up here, and if anyone is interested they can PM me and I'll pass on the details :)

(I have no interest in this, other than we're staying here at the moment and have loved it, so thought I'd let others know, as I know its a bit hard to find somewhere small enough, and cheap enough, when you're not a whole family :) )