Drive up the freeway to Murray Bridge.
Here you can drive across the bridge across the Murray River. On the pylons of the bridge are markers of where the flood waters came up to during the big flood in the 50s.
The railway station is an interesting old building and on the otherside starting by the disused station masters house you can walk down the old track that used to lead down to the wharf. There used to be some old abandoned carriages down here.
If you are there at the right time you may see the Overland train come through to Melbourne, sometime between 11 and 12 I think. It crosses the river on the railway bridge.

A good spot for lunch is the cafe further along from the wharf, next to the boat club. It has a balconey where you can sit out over the river and order pretty decent meals.
NOT TO BE MISSED is the iconic bunyips cave further down from the cafe.

Put $1 in to hear and see the Bunyip growl and rise up out of the water. It is so tacky, but it features in everyone's childhood at some point and so gets revisited.

Drive onwards towards Tailem Bend, just before you get there you will see big signs advertising the Old Tailem Town. It's on the right.
Here there is a massive collection of old buildings which have been brought here from country towns and a few replicas of pioneer huts made out of sacking and plaster. There's a church and shops, The buildings are set up with furniture and cheerful old songs are piped through loud speakers. Sometimes if you look in the cupboards there's stuff left from the previous owners.

There are shelters out the front for picnics.
DONT MISS THE BARBED WIRE MUSEUM .... I'm not kidding there is one here.
open 10-5