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      Korea Restaurant

      This is on Goodwood Rd in Goodwood
      You will need to book as it is very popular.
      The tables have little bbqs in the middle of the table.
      The best deal for the first time you go is to get the banquet deal which gives you soup, a plate of your choice of thin marinated meat or fish strips which you cook on the table bbq, Korean pickled veggies and Kim Chee, as much rice as you want and tea or coffee.

      If ordering dessert there is a chocolate steam boat, where chocolate and cream and liqueur is melted together on the bbqs and you get a plate of fruit and marshallows to dip into it.

      If it is someones birthday they dim the lights and bring out a fried icecream with sparklers in it for the birthday person and everyone in the restaurant sings Happy Birthday.

      They hand out balloons to children, they are a very family friendly restaurant.
      The banquet is about $15 per person.
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      It sounds delicious!
      Is there a website for it?
      Meggs! XXX


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