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      Hi there

      It has been a while since I started thread .... and I have to feel very strongly about something before I refer them, but the time has come!

      As some of you may be aware, I am having rather a lot of dental work done and my dentist is fab. I was originally refered to him before he offers an emergency out of hours service and one sunday, banged my front tooth so went to see him. And there started our now 10 month relationship.

      I have had injections, fillings, hygiene work and then this saturday just gone, the braces were put on. All of my dealings with the dentist and surgery have been incredibly professional and fairly pain free (unlike the butcher I went to see in Christies Beach!, another story!). My dentist uses a wand for injections and they are painfree - honestly.

      Not wanting to go into too many details, I had a slight accident on saturday evening and lost my two front teeth (which were only held in by my brand new braces!). After spending the night in hospital, on sunday morning, called my dentist, who rushed in to fix me up and when I say fix me up - he was amazing.

      Yes, I have private cover, but this dentist is great, so if you are looking with private cover or not - he is worth checking out. I have just booked Guzzler in for a filling replacement and he can't get in with my dentist for weeks, so another within the practice is seeing him, but Keith will actually have the filling done with him when he can fit him in - even if it means waiting an extra month or so.

      Anyway, the practice is in Morphett Vale on Main South Road and called
      Southern Smiles (and he has certainly main me smile again, when the bruises have died down!).

      Tel: 8326 8111
      The miracle worker is Dr Gordon McLean

      Good luck and keep smiling ....

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      Thanks so much for this recommendation, its very helpful. The Dentist is one person that we all dread going to but one that we all need.

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      I hope you're feeling better mate.
      Sounds awful what happened.
      Personally I think the standard of dentistry here is amazing. I actually don't dread going to visit him any more.


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