My hubs spent loads of time researching wireless, including a service that would include VOIP and one for international calls.

Ended up going with Exetel. You of course have to buy a router, but that's the same with any broadband/wireless, and you don't have to get it through them. We pay $45 a month for the internet (not sure how much download but you get differing amounts at differing times of day and hubs downloads loads), have a package with a home phone number through VOIP with 100 local calls included, and he set us up with Pennytel for international calls which is 8 cents PER CALL overseas, regardless of whether you are calling a landline or mobile and regardless of how long you talk. Very goos stuff!

p.s. Initially you have to set up a land line through Telstra so Exetel can 'find' your line, but then you cancel with Telstra so only pay the initial installation fee. I can pretty much guarantee this is the best deal out there and hubs is very very frugal and spent tons of time researching it all.