This is a recommendation for next year really as this year's camp is on this week and next so too late to join in this time!
Pelican Productions run summer camps for kids from 8-19 who are interested in Musical Theatre. The courses are split into Junior and Senior Pelicans (I think the split is around age 12) and the summer camp consists of a pretty intensive two weeks of singing training, choreography etc learning songs from various musicals (this year it includes Wicked, Cats, Lord of the Rings, Mamma Mia, Peter Pan and Lion King), culminating in shows at the end of the fortnight.
If anyone wants to go along to one of the end of course shows this year to see the kind of things they do, they are being held on 17th and 18th Jan, 2:30 matinees and 7:30 evening shows. PM me if you want a number to ring for tickets - the shows are at the Scott Theatre, just off North Terrace, or details are on their website.
They used to do a Winter Camp (they're not overnight "camps" just 9am to 5/6pm every day) and my kids went on those a couple of times; this is the first summer camp my daughter has been on and to say it's intense is an understatement - I'm amazed at what they have achieved so far, there are some seriously talented kids there! A good mix of boys and girls too. Great cameraderie and fantastic exercise, excellent staff. 2009 is Pelican's fifth year of summer camp.
We only found out about it by chance, but by all accounts it's growing year on year and places are limited, so worth bookmarking their site if it's something your kids might be interested in in 2010.
Their site is