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      Big Thank you to Roo Rentals

      :D Hi,
      Just a quick post to say thank you to Roo Rentals (Short term rental).

      Very friendly welcome and always there to give you advice. They go the extra mile for you.

      I would strongly recommend them, the house was beautiful and clean.

      They made it a really easy transition from the UK to Aus.


      Sion, Jo and Family

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      Well said. We stayed with Judi when we first arrived and she was great.

      Also after our time with Roo we went to stay in one of Russell's (Tyke) and have to say he was fab as well.

      Without doubt when you come over staying in a rental owned by a PIA member is a must. I would also suggest booking a least a month. Money spent there is deffo money well spent. Oh and before anyone says anything I'm not on commission. I have been there done it and worn the T-shirt so to speak. These guys do a great job and they can take a hell of a lot of stress out of your move.



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