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    Thread: Has anyone returned back to the UK and realised it was a mistake??

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      Quote Originally Posted by Ihadtouseanewname View Post
      Heading home (Ireland) in 6 weeks and for me I cant wait...been here 8 mths and never settled at all,nobody can prepare you for the home-sickness I have expierenced,miss my family soooooo much and am so happy to be going home.Its been an expensive learning curve but one which im glad we made,have loved my 8 mth "holiday" in Adelaide but living here for me just is not right!! I said to my hubby the other day "our life back home was'nt all that bad" to which he replied "I always knew that"...but when i was at home i always had itchy feet to come here...the grass however is'nt always greener on the other side..lol..thank god my hubby has a good job to return to and im sure we will get another house,its only bricks and mortar,my "home" is my family and my furniture will be in a container!! Im sad it didnt work for me but it cant be for everyone,all of the real friends ive made love it here and im happy for them and wish them a wonderful life here and always be a bed at my house for them :-)...busy packing now and counting down the sleeps...
      I wish you all the best, but in my experience, 8 months is nowhere near long enough to settle into a new country. I always tell people, you need at least 2 years, but that is just my thoughts. I guess for some, it is not the way, for others it is a new beginning. The only thing that matters is your happiness and those of your family.... All the best :)

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      paula & andrew
      Hi paula, just before we come out & we have also asked ourselves if we're doin the right thing!!! But then we realised that we are just apprehensive about the unknown to come, ask yourselves why you decided to apply in the 1st place?? I know of a family that went to Melbourne, lasted 18 months and then came back coz they said the Aussies didn't get there sense of humour, and there was no banter in the local shops!!! I ask you..... Those are bad reasons!, however 2 years later in the uk, and they said they have made a big mistake cumin back! They can't afford to return bcoz they paid for furniture removals both ways, didn't stay long enough to get citizenship, visas have expired, and they are too old to reapply. Hope this helps, is it 20th sept you go?? I'm hoping to acquire some friends thru this site so that we can all meet up bcoz we won't be the 1st or last to feel, or go thru this? But if uve people in the same boat that you can talk, cry and laugh with.... We can all help each other. Paula x.

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      Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! Oh... and did I mention the word YES!!! I moved back to the UK in June 2011 after 12 years in Oz. I knew that I'd either love it or hate it.... but apparently I hate it, lol!! Well, not all of it.... England is absolutely beautiful.... but it's just not the place for me! Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to have my house, pets, furniture etc looked after in Oz for a year, which has since been extended to 18 months, so I have until January next year to make a final decision to come back and pretty much walk back into my old life in Oz. I'm gonna hang in here for a bit longer tho so I know 100% for sure that I've given it a proper good go - but a move back to Oz is most def on the cards!! :D
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      Hi desolateone...thanks for de reply,I know its only been 8 mths but believe me when I say i knew almost immediatley that id made a huge mistake,I think if you know its not for you there is nothing anybody can say or do that will change your mind.The thoughts of staying and giving it longer makes me physically ill,I was a basket case till my hubby finally agreed to go home,cried every day,couldn function,always in bad mood (which was affecting my children)..its not that its a bad place or anything negative about the country or state its just not for me...im very close to my sister and didnt really think of the implications of not seeing her or her girls grow up for a very long time..my 4 yr old has asked almost every day to go back to Ireland since we arrived,none of which was my doing because I never ever aired my opinions or sadness in front of her.Australia cant be for everyone..and Im not the only one...as you said my happinness and that of my kids is the most important thing,and I wish the very very best of luck to all imigrants here both new and old,maybe some day ill come back for a visit :-)
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      I'm came out with work in mid 2001; a lucky opportunity that not many others - if any - from my old employer actually had. Difference was I was single when I came out and had only family and a few good social mates back in Blackpool.
      This helped in that I didn't have huge ties to Blighty and that my initial secondment was only 16 months.

      However, I took the chance to transfer to the Aussie business unit and got a full time job out here in early 2003. Each time I've been back to the UK on holiday since 2001 I'd never thought about returning permanently, even when I was still single! I grew a new social life out here which was more enjoyable and varied.
      This was topped off with eventually meeting my now wife and us having a baby boy in 2010.
      For me, I knew I wanted to be out of the UK fairly soon after getting here, but for others with stronger ties 1 - 2 years would be more the norm. Over 10 years later I'm even more happy to be out here and the UK is still a holiday destination for us!

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      We would never dream of going back, our lifestyle here is far better than in the UK we have been here for nearly 6 years and dont even want to go back to visit, yes the move isnt for everyone and its a big risk we take but bloodyhell its worth it.when you arrive you have to grab the lifestyle with both hands and enjoy everything this fabulous country can offer.
      Sorry to the guy's who go back but I wont be joining you.

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      Good day all,

      This is just little old personal opinion.

      I think some of us are looking for our utopia. I know I am !

      In my good times I love Australia and when I have problems or something goes wrong I suppose I do sometimes think of my birth place and maybe we should go back...I think this is true of many.

      A lot of people come here expecting that utopia and its really hard work starting a new life !!!

      Also, at the end of the day it all depends on you personality.. I am a go getter and doer !! my husband is a moaner (lol you could say a whinging pom)

      if you get 2 moaners in a relationship then you are doomed. If you get 2 positive people that live life with gusto then that is a recipe for success.

      I still think this is the better place to be, for me I prefer the climate the open space and the more relaxed way of life....

      I also often think some people who emigrate are running away from something.

      I so wish my hubby could find some nice Liverpool supporters !! lol

      I find soccer so tiresome hahaha

      Have some humor life is better with it ...

      Have a great winters day

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      Quote Originally Posted by jdhogg747 View Post
      We would never dream of going back, .
      Never say never lol!

      I cannot imagine ever going back or leaving South Australia. After all, this is my home, where the bulk of my kids' schooling has taken place, where my life is and it's all good.

      That said, if emigrating has taught me anything it's that I can't see into the future and cannot judge how I will feel when that future becomes my present! I loved my life in the UK, this was my OH's dream, but here I am loving my life here!

      So, I have no plans to move on but who knows lol!?


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      I read this thread and first thought "go back to the UK? Are you insane??" but after thinking about it I was quite lucky. I met my Aussie wife in the UK. I came back with her to Adelaide and got married. I was welcomed into her family with open arms and had a new instant family who were very supporting and loving which made me feel very welcome. However, had I come over here with a family and knew no one then things may of been a little different for me and I too may well of been longing for home. I went back to the UK a couple of years ago and couldn't wait to come back. The UK has changed so much for me in the past 9 years that I hardly recognize it anymore! I guess you will do what your heart tells you to do and I wish you luck with whatever decision you decide to go with.
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      Well guys we have only 2 weeks left in oz before returning home to Ireland,I know Ive have had a lot of flak on here about not giving it enough time etc etc...its only been 9 mths,but...im so happy to be heading home,it was never for me,I enjoyed the lovely summer weather,but You cant live on sunshine alone,it really didnt live up to the dream i had for australia,but im glad we came and it was one hell of a holiday...lol...missing my parents and sister and brother and my neices and nephews has proved too much for me,I dont want to be the other side of the world with a couple of skype calls a week,its not enough and it took moving here to realise that,our life at home was for us better,emotionally and finacially,thank god my hubby has his job to return to or I dont know what ive had done. My 4 yr old is so excited to be going home shes marking her sleeps off on the calander,its been one hell of a journey...dont know how my hubby has'nt killed me..but the excitement now of returning is fantastic much better feeling than when I was doing it the other way around!!! One very happy Irish girl heading home


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