Believe me they know! We have dual nationality as in British& Australian
If we leave Oz it has to be on an Aussie passport but weenter UK on our British passport .But if you leave the UK to return to Oz it’syour Australian passport you have to show as you leave the UK as we don’t have re-entryvisas on our UK passport
We still have a UK bank account & credit card which hasour Australian address on no need to leave it with a UK address You also needto advise the O/S department for NI contributions which is based in Newcastlethat you’re going overseas as they need a forwarding address for updates onpension forecasts if you’re under retirement age
What James said on 28/08 is true you have the right of abodebut not residency and it was extremely difficult and quite demeaning to obtainthat in the UK –we were interviewed and made to feel we had done wrong bymoving back! We were even asked why we had bought a house and not banked themoney and lived off it This question was made despite the fact that we knew wewere not entitled to any UK benefits and all we were trying to claim was a raterebate (Our Australian Centrelink pensions were paid all the time we were inthe UK)
When we returned to Oz in 2006 all we had to do was go to aMedicare office to reinstate Medicare cards –we showed them proof that we hadshipped furniture etc back and we were given residency status again in Australia
We have over the years done the ‘trip ‘18 times and hadalways held a UK bank account
However we did not pay NI contributions as a lot of ourworking lives were in Australia and if you get the full UK pension theAustralian Centrelink pension is means tested and you could lose what you hadpaid in the extra NI contributions
That a long epistle from me!