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      David Brown

      Desks, washing machine, kitchen stuff for sale

      Hi we have just moved into our purchased house in Eastern subs after renting for four months, so we have stuff we had to buy as basics, including a washing machine fontloader we got from Cash Converters in early Feb, only used for four weeks till ours arrived from o/seas, its a Samsung I think, anyone want a w/mach at a cheap price just PM me (paid $499 for it but would take around $200 it works perfectly- it is heavy and I don't have a trolley, though no steps)

      We have a kids/teenage desk, three drawers, wooden, say $25 to collector.

      An Ikea glass table and four chairs, you can buy this set in Ikea for $99, called Laver, will sell for $30.

      Cheap low bookcase and three drawer bedside table painted white, say $10 each

      We have a couple of single mattresses, one new (Ikea) and one in vgc.

      More stuff will come on line once we work our way through the boxes!

      PM me if interested in any of this stuff,

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      Hi congrats on ur new house.
      Can u tell me how much u paid for ur new house if u dont mind.
      I m planning to have one, so need to arrange finances before reaching OZ.
      Sorry to disturb u.

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      I am interested in the Ikea glass table and chairs, can you pm me me your phone number and address please.


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