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      Freeview Box with Hard Drive and Timeshift

      Having a bit of a clearout and we are selling the freeview box as no longer being used :)

      Humax PVR 8000T

      This digital free view box will provide you with all the free to air channels, electronic programme guide and has an 80gb hard drive. You can record up to 40 hours of TV and with the time shift feature you can pause and rewind live TV (similar to foxtel IQ feature)

      Retails at $385, selling for $150.

      More picture and techy specs click here - http://australiandigitaltv.com/humax...ifications.htm

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      Is this one you bought here or brought from the UK? Reason I ask, is I have the same model which came over in our container, which I have not been able tune in. Any advice greatly received!

      BTW - Anyone wanting one of these, it would be money well spent. It was great being able to pause live tele and record whatever you want. Saves the need for expensive SKY/Foxtel subscriptions.

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      we bought it here from Good Guys


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