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      Tonka train table

      We have a big Tonka train table for sale! This train table features roads, a lake and a feature that most train tables don't have a large dirt area to put your bulldozers, diggers etc. This is a much loved feature by children of all ages. There is lots of space to put your train tracks also! The table is a perfect size to fit cars, trains,diggers,trees and buildings - hours of entertainment!! There is a large pull out drawer to store all your tracks and trains. The drawer features stoppers so that children cannot pull the drawer all the way out of the table and a large easy pull handle for them.
      There is nothing wrong with it, it simply wants a little lads (or girls), attention as its just gathering dust in my games room!
      Cost over $200 just 12 months ago so willing to accept $90 ono.
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      How much is P&P to the UK?:)

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      you silly sod!

      how you doin my matey xxx

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      have you a picture? have been after something for my son and his growing thomas collection. very interested please pm me



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