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      Two doggies going to a good home

      Hi all we have a 2.5 year old red male Kelpie and a 18 month old black and white female Border Collie. Both dogs are desexed , microchipped , fully vaccinated, fully house trained partially obedience trained (level 3 and level 2 respectivly ) Both are pure breed dogs who are both in perfect health and have more energy than the energizer bunny rabbit. Would suit a family with a good sized back yard or farm etc, genuine reason for sale.
      Pm me for a price or for any other details.

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      If you're getting rid of them because they are such a handful, I know exactly where you're coming from - went through a stage like that with our border collie x kelpie (or possibly short haired border collie, depends who you speak to) at exactly the same age - around 2. Even started looking for a farm to send her to. Stuck it out though, and she's now 5 and so much nicer! They are intelligent dogs, but need a firm hand and a lot of exercise, but once they get to about 4 they turn almost normal, and are very rewarding. She still doesn't like other dogs, but is a lot better at ignoring them if they ignore her, and not ignoring us if they don't!!
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