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      jeep grand chrokkee ltd for sale

      this car is in excellent condition not being used as is a second car and husband now has a work van. white in colour leather interior. tinted windows, automatic1996. $5700 or make an offer! if you would like to view/test drive we are in gulfview heights we paided $7000 1 1/2 years ago and put into jeep for full service costing around $3000 and then not realy used so great bargin!
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      what year? ooppsss sorry re read 1996
      What engine

      Why $3K? what was done on this service.

      Does the aircon work correctly.

      Has it been off road?
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      hi we put it into jeep in adelaide when we first brought it as i had the kids in it my husband asked them to do a full service and check on everything and thats what it cost all in! yes i had the aircon checked at profix modbury to and it only needed re gasing so did that so fully working also we have never taken it off road and i dont belive it has in to good a condition also engine is 4 litre petrol thanks for your enqiury

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      Thanks for the update.

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      How many Km on the clock?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Rich & Chit View Post
      How many Km on the clock?
      hi the car has 209000km on the clock and it does have a tow bar thankyou for your enquiry
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      hi this car is still for sale and you are welcome to view open to offers and is a great bargin! calkl me on 0466677832 if interested!

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      car sold thanks for the interest!



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