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      2 x Yamaha jetski's on Tandem trailer(FX140 and GP760)

      Hi there, for sale due to busy life style.

      These 2 Jetski's are fantastic fun, so sad to see them go.

      They are both Yamaha's one is a 2002 FX140 with 4 stroke 140bhp engine. this is a 3 seater ski and will happily tow a skier or even 2! Its only got 42hrs on the clock so hardly been used. The other ski is a 1998 GP760 with 2 stroke 110hp engine, this is a 2 seater and again will easily tow. its only got 83hrs on the clock so again very little use.

      The trailer is full roller tandem galv trailer with storage box and covers

      Please call or email if you require any further details



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      all ready ????

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      Hi there.... Do you know these people?

      I was just looking at the ski's but not sure now due to the comment you have made!?!? You have also commented on another post of their here too??!??!?!?!?!?!



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