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      Question Car boot sales

      Are there such things as car boot sales in Adelaide...just moved here and want to move into unfurnished property and need somestuff mega cheapo till container arrives.

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      You do see them occasionally, but more popular are "Garage Sales" where one household (or sometimes a couple get together) holds a sale. If you look in the paper at the weekend they have a section listing where they are, or if you're driving around, the holders usually put up signs (on old bits of cardboard or boxes!).

      Also worth checking out the charity shops (Op Shops) as some of them do furniture. And there's Freecycle Adelaide Freecycle | Recycling Group Finder and Gumtree Free Classifieds | Buy, Sell, Jobs, Property & More | Gumtree Adelaide

      Finally, if there's something particular you need, worth posting up on here and someone might have one they want rid of, as most have been in the same situation as you are now at some point!
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      They have boot sales at The Brighton School, Brighton Road and the Marion Oval (think that its name). They alternate between the two on Sunday mornings. We there most weekends, it does run in the rain but mainly the fruit and veg sellers then. There is also one at Christies Beach Reserve, Beach Road on the second sunday of every month. If you are living down south, they just opened a shop called Savers in Noarlunga, it a big charity shop, they got loads of household stuff, cups, plates, pans, knives, forks. Is a bit expensive for some things lol, I brought a tupperware tub for $3 from a charity shop on Beach Road the other day, went into Savers and had an identical one for $6.


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      Parafield airport have a few, well the signs have been out the last few saturday mornings.

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      Also check out the Lions we got Heaps of stuff from these guys when we got here over 2 years ago and some of it is still going strong now.......

      There is one @ Blackwood.....there is also a seconf hand place in Lonsdale, but alot will depend on where abouts you .....




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