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    Thread: Arriving With Nothing ... Household Items Wanted

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      ste and cheryl

      Arriving With Nothing ... Household Items Wanted


      My hubby and I are due to fly out 2 weeks on saturday, when we arrive we are staying with a very nice family who have offered us a room for the first week or two.

      We are bringing nothing with us due to the short amount of time we have to get over there, so would be very grateful to know of anything anyone is selling !!

      Many thanks in advance.

      Ste & Cheryl

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      Where will you be staying, I'm sure loads of people on here will have things to lend you or give away to keep you going until you are more sorted, I'll have a look through, I have a tumble dryer that could be used for a while, it only works on the low setting as the high setting switches off!

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      ste and cheryl
      To be honest we are not sure where we are going to end up renting. Hubbys job is based in Royal Park, but he is a carpenter so his work will require him to be all over the place. It's still something we need to discuss/need advise on.

      Thank you, that would be great :)

      People on here seem to be so helpful !!


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      If we find anything will let you know...

      We arrived with nothing and through this site, and buying cleverly we got everything to set up again!

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      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Welcome to Ste and Cheryl..............from Tottington hey? my hometown as a youngster! .....know it well!!!! Hope it all works out! Keep us posted where you are gonna finally settle......and best of luck with your move :)
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      Hi There !

      I would like to suggest you join the Yahoo group 'freecycle adelaide' as soon as possible.

      this is a group where anything can be offered FOR FREE.

      I have got several items from there, and given a lot of stuff away.



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      ste and cheryl
      Thank you all :)

      Just a little worried we'll have nothing for weeks !!

      If you have anything, anything at all we'll be extremely grateful !!




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