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    Thread: Items wanted ! Would appreciate anything at all

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      Maybe you could have your dog sent over when you are settled? I feel for you, we had to leave our 2 cats.The last few days with them was terrible : (
      Just let everyone know when you get here or just before, most people with have something to help out.
      Have a good journey and look forward to a great life. x
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      cornish Busdriver
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob and Mel View Post
      Its no wonder you can live in Glenelg if your not buying anything!!

      Its one of the more expensive areas in Adelaide to live...

      Seriously we wish you all the best and let us know when you are here and we will have a look in the cupboards for you.

      Just thought the Salvation Army is very good for picking up barging and the one on Brighton road is very good, Or you should have a look in the garage sales at the weekends.

      Good look Rb and Mel[/QUOTE
      like you said....................glenelg living doesnt quite go with asking for help .................but as newbies i suppose they will work that one out!!!!!
      Everyones gotta start somewhere, im sure there are loads of members on here that have stuff they no-longer use or need.
      I gotta a stainless steel microwave sat in the garage if ya want it?
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      Now look you guys, it's not fair - I got in first offering the dog, you're not allowed to outbid me!! Mine's a wonderful, intelligent, attractive, fit, demanding, attention-seeking border collie, much nicer than any of these Rotties and stuff!! Take mine, take mine, take mine.....!!!

      Can highly recommend a drive round some posher areas on hard waste collection day as well, for some temporary furniture. In fact, during the Festival Season, there is a Hard Waste Cafe set up in the parkland, entirely furnished with stuff collected (for free) from the roadsides!!

      Put together a wish list of everything you need and post it up and we'll all tick off anything that we can help you with (as long as you take the dog too!!!)
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Needing stuff

      Help i feel bad now because of the glenelg thing and the other post saying we shouldnt be asking for help. We are RENTIng there not buying! I wish lol. And because there is only the two of us we reckon an apartment was the least expensive option. Also we are closer to tram and will hopefully get away with one car. I was serious when i said we are short of cash we have literally enough for flights and a couple of months living expenses.

      For all those who offered to help massive thanks im sooo stressed about it all. Basically the kitchen is equipped and there are built in wardrobes and a utility room. But need fridge, tv, couple of chairs to sit on and beds. Also if anyone has an old tv that works that would do til we get sorted preferably one that has eastenders on it! ;)Lol listen thanks esp diane oh and ref the dog im sure we can work out a rota system for the dog walking xxx

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      if your buying goods and want a good deal a slightly cheaper option if is to check out Radio Rentals at prospect, they have ex-rental stock there you could buy for 100's of dollars less than buying them new, they still have a warranty and if your renting and could be moving from place to place things get bashed or scratched its less heartbreaking . Washing machines, tv's, dvd players etc etc

      good luck with the move

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      I got a couple of kids you could have...............no rain checks.....


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      Everyone has to start somewhere, and glenelg is a sensible option - tram lines etc and with no kids i'd be there like a shot....
      Recycle shops are fab - salvation army etc, as is a place called the lions in eden hills, some of the stuff is tat theres some great finds there too..but its cheap as.

      Peeps on here are wonderful too and helped us when we got here - and we've reciprocated but will have a look what we can dig out that may be of use....

      And my dogs bigger than theirs....and loopier than theirs too....;)


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