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      Free to Good home -long hair tortoiseshell/white Cat

      Regretfully we have decided that our little cat 'Sugar' must go to a new home. We acquired her (thats a story in itself) about 9 months ago - She is a beautiful cat, long hair, I think you would describe her as white tortoiseshell, fully litter trained, she does go outside but never goes outside the back garden. The reason we are parting with her is Max our two year old ****zalier and her do not get on, we have persevered but shes the sort of cat who would like to graze over her food rather than eat it all in one go and the minute she walks away from her food he eats it consequently he's getting fatter and she's losing weight and recently he's started chasing her the minute she moves hes running after her so shes spending more time hiding. After a lot of soul searching we have decided that she's such a gorgeous cat it would be unfair to put her through this daily torment any longer.
      She gets on with the dog fine its him that does not get on with her
      She's neutered and I think that she has been microchipped too
      If you are interested please pm me

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      Hello mate.

      2 questions:

      1. Got any photos?

      2. Does she molt?





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