I have the following for sale:

Boxed Scalextric Bash N' Crash twin car set with 2 working cars (both good condition). The original track is 532cm long and requires approx. 147cm x 217cm of space when asssembled - track is an extended figure of eight.

Also included in the sale are 2 (Scalextric) Porsche Boxters (both good condition) and 2 very high quality DTM (German Touring) cars; the DTM cars are a little battered but the lights work well and you can find spares (ebay etc.) if required.

If that isn't enough, we have loads of extra corners, straights, crossovers and bridges/supports, further exttending the original track.

All track is the newer (non-digital) sport track and the power supply/brick is UK.

No idea what this sort of stuff would normally sell for so I'll start at $250 and see where we end up :-)