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      Arriving 2nd Jan need car/ fridge freezer/ beds child car seats

      Hi my famly arrive 2nd for 1st time in Oz we need alot of stuff and cheap please, am looking for a medium/large family car dont worry about the make/model as long as its ""really realiable"" most important if poss not too many kms and resonable on gas. Toddler car seat, and 2 older childrens beds / bunks. a sofa 2/3/4 seater whatever, anything considered but cheap please as on budget setting up home for the first time in Oz and 3 little kids to sort . an telly old shape ok as long as it has big screen. air conditioning unit too please . any one got a motorbike for sale postie bike bandit hornet or anything considered thats my initial shopping list many thanks just!!

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      DONT PANIC!!!

      I know exactly how you feel :)
      Aren't you staying at a friends house to begin with? If so plenty of tricks when you get here - namely Garage sales / Gum Tree / Classifieds (on Advertiser) - plus this site of course. We've been really lucky to pick up everything we need, only furniture we've bought brand new so far is a table - cause it was a bargain!
      The Brighton market will be on the 9th and I believe its a car boot too, I'm going there that day for the first time if you want to tag along?
      Take care - dont worry!! (easier said than done I know!) xxx



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