Hi guys, i have for sale a 49cc petrol engined mountain bike, it is advertised on ebay at the mo to so get in quick, I have built a few of these now and converted a few of my friends bikes too. i must start off by saying that they are illegal to ride on public rds although everyone i know who owns one rides it on the rds. but i have to tell you the law, they are great to ride clocking up 60kph on a flat rd with ease and a hugh benefit up hills, the bike for sale has been used twice by myself only for a short journey of about 10ks, in perfect working order though and fitted to a brand new bike. $400 is what i am asking. i also have engine kits for sale too if you fancy converting your own bike/s or i can fit them for $100 labour, the kits are $200 to buy. if you req any further info shoot me a mail. or want a pic of the bike for sale.
Thanks Guys