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      High Chair Wanted

      Does Anyone Have a high chair for sale? Thank you

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      Can I suggest the Ikea one

      IKEA | Dining | Highchairs | ANTILOP | Highchair with safety belt

      You can also get a tray to click on for $10 or so. They really are a great chair and so easy to clean. In my line of work I've seen no end of highchairs that cost a small fortune and are a faff but these are so simple and easy and don't cost heaps. You can also get a cushion insert for comfort and fit when child is smaller. Our son used his till a couple of months ago when we moved him over to this one IKEA | Dining | Junior chairs | AGAM | Junior chair (he was 2.5 when we did this)

      So long as your child is able to support their head and sit upright to eat then this is a great chair. Our son went in his highchair when we began weaning at 6 months.



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