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      Trailer Wanted - or advice where to get one from

      Does anyone know of someone who wants to sell a trailer, 6X4 or slighly bigger (nothing too big) to use camping. Seem to have been looking for ages and everyone i see on gumtree have either gone, no one replies to emails or are massivly over priced death traps. So still being new to SA i dont have a clue where to buy such things, or even if there is such a place that sells used and/or ex-rental trailers.

      Please help

      Also, why is it on EBAY they are going for between $200 or $300 in any state but SA where they dont start below $600 for a semi decent one????

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      Have you looked in the Trading post? You can look online, or buy the paper in news agencies. They have unto date ads.
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