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      Wanted Baby items

      Hi, we are expecting our first baby due start of October and are on the hunt for all things baby needs!
      Already have the big ticket items (pram, cot, change table) but pretty much need eveything else.

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      Dont buy too much to start - you end up having loads of stuff you dont really need. For the first few weeks all they do is eat and sleep.

      Get plenty bibs and muslins, few white towels so you can put in hot wash, as they tend to piddle everywhere.
      Moses basket - plenty sheets for changing - few blankets for swaddling.
      Small baby bath - we had a tummy tub, think you can get them in Oz - it was great out daughter loved it, and good for babys with colic.
      top and tail bowl - or two small bowls/ plenty cotton wool balls.
      Also a bouncy chair - we had one that vibrated and played music - she used it alot.
      Some baby grows and vests - I wouldnt buy too many outfits as they hardly wear them in first few months - and you will prob get loads of presents at the start.

      You will get the rest as you go - we bought too much stuff to start had to store heaps of it for ages.

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      I have a baby bouncy seat you can have if you like, have been looking for a good home for my baby stuff for ages. It is dark blue with little multi coloured stars on it. Originally from Mothercare. We are down south in Moana, don't know if that's handy for you guys. If you're interested drop me a pm.




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