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    Thread: toyota camry for sale

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      Firstly, apologies to the OP who's thread has been somewhat derailed.

      As owner & administrator, I'll have the final word on this and this subject has rumbled on for far too long now.

      In short, anyone regardless of length of membership or number of posts is allowed to post items for sale in the 'For Sale / Wanted' section of the forum. They are the rules and we've no plans to revise them.

      A slightly longer version would be as follows.

      It is of absolutely no detriment whatsoever to allow new members to post in 'For Sale/Wanted' Advertisements do not appear on the homepage of the website in 'Recent threads' and as such, do not detract or take up valuable real-estate. The homepage always features discussion threads, not classified ad posts.

      Secondly, if someone actively chooses to go and browse the 'For Sale / Wanted' area of the forum, then once again, is is absolutely no detriment to them if they are presented with what they're looking for - ads.

      Strangely enough, we've not had one member on any forum we operate, say they are leaving because the classifieds ads sub-forums feature lots of classified ads. On the contrary, many members enjoy perusing the classifieds and I dare say, many members have bought items which have caught their eye.

      Finally, and most importantly, maybe, just maybe, some of the members who sign up as they've something to sell, might actually find that they want to stick around and post a bit on the forum (if they're not subject to petty digs, sarcasm, abuse and the like), just a thought.

      If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of what is and isn't allowed then please feel free to PM me or if anyone would like to assist in shaping/revising forum rules periodically, then we're always looking to add to the moderator/admin team.


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