I recently took advantage of the M&S free delivery and 20% off school uniform that I bought a load for these for when we move in August. However in my excitement I didn't concentrate properly and ended up buying 8 girls white polo t-shirts instead of 4 girls, 4 boys and my 10 year old son refuses point blank to wear the shirts with the frill around the neck (surprisingly)!

I took them to the post office to see about returning them but that'd cost $38 so I'm hoping that there might be someone else who needs white school shirts - they're brand new, 2 to a packet, aged 12 and if possible I'd quite like $10 a pair (they cost 9 from M&S) or an offer; that way I can buy the boy some too.

We're currently in the Lockleys/Henley Beach/West Beach etc etc area but would be happy to negotiate on meeting to deliver.