Hi, we are having a garage sale on Saturday 6th December 8.00am-3.00pm. 17 Ryan Ave, Aldinga Beach.

Antique table & chairs, coffee table - beautiful! Full length mirror with stand & drawer, crockery.
Clothes, curtains - "next" dinosaurs in 2 sizes.., other curtains. Bedding,
UK epson printer. UK landline Panasonic phones & binatone answerphone. Cat/small dog wooden crate container - used once when we brought our cat from the UK. - for those of you who may be returning to the UK?
Bathroom goods - shower mixer valve, shelves, soap dish holder -new in boxes..
bath massager, facial sauner, books, ornaments,
Toys, porsche race track, basketball hoop, kids microphone on stand, games & loads more boys & girls toys for all age groups.
Come & have a look & grab a bargain, all must go!