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      Dave & Carole

      Question Booster seats ...same rules as car seats?

      I have read the recent & past thread about child seats, but wondered if all the same issues are true for booster seats?

      Our children are 3 and 5 and both use booster seats (with backs). I know the baby/toddler seats are not legal but are these?


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      Hello Carole,
      You need to Google Australian car seat law. You will have to read it and make the decision for yourself. My boys are all on UK boosters without backs. We brought them in our luggage by cutting a hole in the bottoms of them and stuffing them with clothes. They have ones with backs which are in the container and i will use them when they arrive.

      I have seen many kids here without booster seats at all.


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      SA law is very vague. The are requirements for baby seats, but boosters are based on weight rather than age. SA Transport website is the place to look :)

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