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      Best insurance will we be Letton & percival Liverpool UK, can do it all online, extremely cheap, & I had no trouble with a recent claim.

      #just do a few quotes before making a decision, hopefully it wont all come to this !!!!


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      Hi Lisa Steve and family.
      Have pm'd you but not yet had reply.
      Just wondering how you are doing and is life getting any easier?
      Take care,
      Sue David sam

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      you are going back before spending a summer here?

      Why come to Aus if you don't want to experience that at least once?

      You know how wet and cold winter is........ take time to find a summer

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      Don't do it Steve, Sam won't get any better league coaching than he does here!!!!!

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      Its a shame they dont let famlies swap
      Living In Adelaide Since Jan 2012 And Loving It

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      Sorry to hear its not working

      For what it is worth, it always takes about 12 months to settle no matter where you go. The weather here has been miserable I agree for a while now, but can't you stretch it out for at least part of the summer and spring. It is such a huge commitment that you have already made. I know first hand what it is like to be homesick, I have lived all over the world and each time the move was difcult, making new friends new job etcetera, but 12 months usually did it and I can honestly say I never regreted living in any of the places that I have, let this be your experimentation year. Are you getting out enough, make plans each week to explorfie, take a trip over to Port Lincoln one weekend, take a trip to Melbourne, keep yourselves busy and make sure that you do go back with an open mind having explored this wonderful country. I lived here for years and then moved back after more than 20 years away, it was b.......y tough, and then my husband walked out. I had to make new friends, buy myself a job, new house etcetera, and sure it was hard, but after 12 months I had a complete turn around, life is great now. Whatever your decision, good luck to all of you and have a wonderful life. If you need someone to talk to contact me any time, I have been there trust me.


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      Oh and by the way

      Kent did a great job with my shipment from the US and sending my sons back. They by the way wish that they had stayed for what it is worth.


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      Hi Steve,

      We used John Masons in England and their partners here in Adelaide are Wridgeways. We Paid 2250 we were told to ring a few companies and play them off against each other which is what we did.

      I hope it doesn't come to that for you all and that after spending a summer here you might find that you settle in a bit more.

      I really sympathise with you all we too are going through that stage I am really missing our friends and family and my oldest son who is 13 also has said he would like to go back. We have also said that if 1 of us isn't happy by the end of my University course then we will return to the UK.

      If you would all like to meet up just for a chat I know Josh and John would like to chat to someone who knows what real football is about! We are just up the road from you in Glengowrie, pm us if you all fancy it.

      Tracy, John, Josh (13) & Conor (10)

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      Thanks for all your replies, we are going to stay and have a spring and summer in Adelaide, so over the next ten months Lisa and Sam might change their minds about wanting to go back to the UK ( FINGERS CROSSED )

      Cheers Steven

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      Fingers crossed for you guys, it is not easy, but the blue sky's and warm sun do help.
      We arrived April last year, and did not encounter rain and grey sky's like this, well not on this scale.
      The weather will probably stop you doing things, i know i haven't been down the beach for months now, a little thing i know but it helps relax.

      The kids settle, yes they miss friends, but give it time and see who keeps mailing and calling then you will find out who the real friends are.

      All the best for the next 10 months, the shipping companys will still be there, spend that money on seeing more of Aus instead!!!!



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