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    Thread: Cars - leather interior or not?

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      Cars - leather interior or not?

      Hi all,

      Getting to the point where I need wheels - always had leather seats in the UK for baby puke etc - but I'm not in the UK anymore.....anyone any thoughts on leather seats in the hot summer months? Good idea or not?


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      I notice that almost everyone with leather seats has sheepskin covers on the front seats. That said, I have leather seats with no seatcovers and, other than on a few occasions in the summer when the car was parked in direct sunlight, I didn't find it a problem.
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      Jon T
      I have leather seats on my current car and my previous one. Just make sure you get the windows tinted and you should be fine.
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      i am told they get hot, i am told window tinting attracts heat.

      I find window tinting a blessing, and have to say that the vinyl on some of the seats we have used (can't afford leather) has not been to hot.
      Park under treees, leave the windows cracked open and you will be fine.
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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      leave the windows cracked open and you will be fine.
      Nooooooooo..... leave the windows open even a crack (specially under trees) and a huntsman spider will squeeze through the gap, hide behind your sun visor, and drop on your lap when you're driving along!!!! Don't do it, Mik, don't do it.......!!!!!
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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