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    Thread: Getting a motor bike licence in Adelaide

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      Fly Away

      Getting a motor bike licence in Adelaide

      My husband has been hankering after a motor bike. Which frightens the life out of me. He has NO experience at all of riding anything except a push bike. I don't like the idea of him just getting on a bike and riding - even if it is just a scooter. I would prefer if he went on a course of some kind to learn the basics and preferably get his licence this way.

      Are there any bikies who can recommend the best way to learn and hopefully some training schools.

      Thank you very much.

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      I got my bike licence about 6 years ago & like your hubby hadn't ridden anything other than a pushbike before.
      I did my training in the UK - before you are allowed on the road you must do CBT training. It ensures you are safe enough to be out on the road on your own. You can then ride up to a 125cc bike with L plates.
      The UK motorcycle test has recently become harder with less training centres as a result thanks to the EU. ( see http://www.begin-motorcycling.co.uk/ for more details)
      For details of obtaining a motorcycle licence in SA go to http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/licen...bike/index.asp

      I found the training courses very very helpful, especially for riding safe & learning to be aware on the road as a biker.

      My other half was also worried when I said I wanted to get a bike & I got a taste of how she felt when she decided to give it a go too!!!

      I love being out on my bike & wish I had done it sooner. Most of the risk comes from other road users but with the right training & attitude to riding you learn to look out for these risks.

      Hope this helps. I'm sure some others will have some words of advice too

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      Fly Away
      Thanks very much Pesty for that great info. I am a bit more reassured to find out that there is some official training before you are allowed to ride on the roads. (Even if it is only 2 half days )

      In the UK I often saw motorcycle lessons in progress on the roads - does anyone know if they do this sort of lesson in Adelaide?

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