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      Flying with small children

      Hi all,

      With the big move looming & the flights all booked my thoughts have turned to the joy of travelling with small children (aged 1, 3 & 6)

      So I need the benefit of your experience is there anything you found useful or anything you wish you'd had with you for the journey?

      Usually an endless supply of drinks & snacks keeps my lot happy but in light of recent security restrictions I'm going to be limmited in what I can take for them aren't I?


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      We went down to the local 1 shop and got lots of nick naks for Dawn during the flight ie crayons, books etc. Anytime she started to get fed up a new treasure would be taken from her little back pack which kept her amused a bit longer :)

      We flew with Singapore airines who were great and their kids entertainment was excellent and the flight went without a hitch. They were more than happy to supply drinks and snacks as needed so do not worry too much on this front. They also supplied their meals first so I could eat mine once Dawn had finished in peace :o something that does not happen too often!

      Just relax and enjoy the flight;)


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      I Know it`s not the same comparison as your flight but we just cane fron pt douglas and i bought chelsea stickers which she love so we proceeded to put them everwhere on the seat infront of her (They came off straight away) and mums and dads face!!

      Then it was colouring books,cards for snap games,we made bead necklaces on the plane and gave them to the stewardesses, food, sllep(hopefully), movies etc!!!!!!!!

      Hope this Helps


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