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    Thread: Mobility Scooters/ Gophers

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      Mobility Scooters/ Gophers

      Need som PIA advice guys. My father in law will be here net year for 2 months. He needs a Mobility Scooter/ Gopher to get around. We're looking at options for either hiring one or buying one second hand with a view to selling on when he goes. All depends on how much the 2 month hire is.
      Apppreciate any advice or links to hire places.


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      Walk on wheels on Marion Rd are very accomodating. I hire one every year for my mum.

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      Thanks will look them up and let you know how i get on

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      Quote Originally Posted by johnclerk View Post

      These are mobility scooters, not race cars.They help those that have trouble walking. They are not meant to be a mode of long distance transportation. Five MPH would be pretty fast if you bumped into someone while shopping at the mall.

      Hey mate first of all thanks for the reply 9 months later.
      More importantly who are are you the Gopher police? I posted this in November seeking advice which as usual was forthcoming and very useful. I've read and reread my o/post and the reply but don't see any reference to race cars, people using them who don't have trouble walking, using them for long term transportation or going faster than 5 mph. Is your response meant to be helpful or as i suspect a cheap shot at advertising? No need to answer that as i won't be entering a debate on this and the thread is now closed as far as i'm concerned, goodbye and good luck with your business venture.
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