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    Thread: Hallett Cove to Adelaide Airport

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      Hallett Cove to Adelaide Airport

      Hi all,

      Crikey we've just booked our flights - leave UK November!

      We have family in Grange and Henley, but we've been looking at perhaps Hallett Cove. Was wondering how long it would take to get to Adelaide Airport by car, and into the city by public transport. Also thinking of Christies (we have short term rental booked there to check it out).

      Many thanks in advance,

      Kerry & Steve

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      I can do it in around 25 - 35 mins, it depends on the time of day, when hubby drops me at the airport at 5 am it takes almost 20 mins.
      The city is around 30 -35 mins by train, which drops at north terrace.
      There is a bus to the city now from HC but I have heard it takes an hour, but that might be an exageration!
      It takes around 30 mins to drive.
      Ps i live at the top end of HC, (the city side) It takes me 10 mins to drive to a friend who lives the south end of HC. ( just to show HC is a big suburb)
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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      Ps i live at the top end of HC, (the city side) It takes me 10 mins to drive to a friend who lives the south end of HC. ( just to show HC is a big suburb)
      Where on earth do you go?

      I too live top end and it'd only take 5 mins max from here to the south side. The trains are good from here to the city - take about 25-30 mins depending on whether you get a direct train or not. Thats when they aren't redoing the station and you have to get a shuttle bus too - then it takes 10 mins longer! The station work is going on until May.

      Seriously though, why try and guess where you will want to live before you get here? You should try looking around many places. We didn't even consider moving to HC until after 6 mths or so, and we looked at quite a few areas (though it would have been far more if we didn't need to be on this trainline!). You never know where you will like and where you won't before you've been there
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      The traffic build up and infastrucure here have a great bearing on times to travel from A to B.Trains crossing roads and mega long waits at traffic lights in queues can really put loads on your travel time,and stress you out also.Best to expect this,and allow for it.

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      Thanks Jo - we are considering all areas. We've been to Adelaide 4 times and we kind of know where we would like to live, but someone recommended HC, which we know little about, except quite a few folk on here are living there, so we've just been doing some research. I know that my work will be in the CBD area, and OH possibly at the airport.

      Just doing the research!

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