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    Thread: Young children on flights

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      Andrew Family

      Young children on flights

      It is a long way off yet but the fear of flying with two young children is filling me with dread already. One child will be 3 years old and the other will be 5 years old. Any tips or advice will be greatfully received. I know there are lots of you out there that have made the trip and survived to tell the tale, so now it the time to share................

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      We flew with Singapore Airlines and they were fab with young children. Mine are 8 and 6 and I was also dreading it, but they were great. They had their own entertainment systems and TV screens and settled into the flight very quickly. I'm sure yours will be fine, load up thair bags with books and colouring stuff, but they do give you a pack on the flight. Someone on here recommended Phenergen, an anti-histamine which is also a sedative, but obviously seek advise from your pharmacist about this!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Family View Post
      It is a long way off yet but the fear of flying with two young children is filling me with dread already. One child will be 3 years old and the other will be 5 years old. Any tips or advice will be greatfully received. I know there are lots of you out there that have made the trip and survived to tell the tale, so now it the time to share................
      Not made the flight over as yet..booked for the 8th November, however thought I would try to make you feel better by telling you that we will be flying with 4 boys..12yrs, 8yrs, 6 yrs and 22 months. ITs a scary prospect!!!! Seriously though your children are at a good age where they can be occupied with games, films etc and are get tired tooxx

      Good luck

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      We fly out in 17 days, me, hubbie and both children. Maya is 5 and Kieran is 7.

      I have their Nintendo dsi's ready with lots of games and films. I went to the local pound shop and they had some great magnetic board games, there really small as well. I bought snakes and ladders and ludo. I also got 2 little packs of coloring books which come with coloring pencils again from pound shop. Most important of all bedtime bears, they will come with us but will be kept in my bag as heaven forbid they go missing!!
      Thought that I would take a change of clothes for the plane and change them into pj's which may help them to sleep better.
      Can't think of anything else right now, but if anyone else has any good ideas please let me know.

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      The Dimmocks
      We travelled with 3 kids, a 4 year old and 2 year old twin boys. I wasnt looking forward to it. We flew with Singapore Airlines and they were brill with the kids, even though the boys kept pressing the service buttons. We took a small bag each with little presents in and to be honest these never even got opened until we got to our hotel in Singapore. They give them plenty of stuff to occupy them on the plane the the TV is enough I think as well. They bring the childrens food well before the adult food so you can sort theirs out without trying to juggle your own. A change of clothes is something I would definately take. Our eldest decided to be sick an hour before we landed at Adelaide. She ended up walking bare foot as she was sitting crossed legged so went all over her shoes as well, so maybe a pair of sandels as well.

      I wouldn't worry to much as mine surprised me, everyone around us commented on how well behaved our kids had been, the eldest and the youngest twin, yes I could believe but middle one, he can be a monster at times so was really chuffed he was good.

      Good luck

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      Ric & Paula
      We travelled Emirates in Feb with a 4,7 and 10 year old and they were fab,the children and airline,the 2 youngest had never flown before.I got an 'Usbourne' book for the youngest about going on a plane which helped her recognise what was going on,the rest was great with the entertainment on board.The only hiccup really was ear pain on descent,maybe Calpol sachets and sweets to suck,just in case,the youngest slept through landing!I'm sure you and they will be great enjoy the adventure xxP
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      We also flew with Singapore airlines with a 15mth and old and a 3 yr old. I was dreading it but it was better than I could of expected really. They played a bit and slept and a bit and screamed a bit when they were over tired.
      The staff were fantastic helping us bringing our food one at a time and the kids early, warming milk for the little on etc.
      Yours will be happy enough with the TV and would recommend only taking what you need on the plane as you will end up carrying them on or off the plane and the less you take the less you have to carry.

      Good luck and you will be fine, I think the fear is just the inknown and once your on the plane you forget about worrying and just get on with it.

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      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      its got to be with singapore or cathay pacific they are brill with kids i travelled with 3 and yes it was a nightmare but hey theres a new life at the end of the tunnell!!!
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      Hi, we travelled with a 2 year old and a 3 year old and have travelled with both Emirates (on our reccie) and Malaysian (on the one way!!!) and found them both to be fantastic with families. The kids were given loads of gifts, games and cuddly toys on the plane by the air stewards and We wrapped lots of little "presents" such as a little toy game or colouring pencils and books and sweets and let them pick one out of a bag like a lucky dip each time they got a bit bored. They movies were a god send with finding nemo being watched at least 20 times!! Bedtime bears were a must as were pj's and a spare set of clothes. The cabin crew were so good with us and even took Carys up to their rest area for half an hour when she was crying her eyes out, she came back wearing the stewards hat handing out sweets to the other kids - she thought she was an air hostess and still goes on about it! They even took a polaroid picture of her in it for her to keep!
      It is a long time on the plane, but really the kids did us so proud. We used phenergan on the first trip and decided against it on the 2nd cos they slept the entire journey when we gae it to them and we wanted them to enjoy the experience as much as they could, it also makes the jetlag a lot worse when you arrive. Calpol is a great help for popping little ears too, give it to them half hour before take off and half hour before landing!
      Don't worry about the journey, embrace it as the beginning of your new adventure, i'm sure if the kids see you excited it will rub off on them and they will love it!!
      Good luck!
      JC xxx
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      Hi we made the flight 6 months ago with a 3 year old, 2 year old and 7month old. We flew with Singapore airlines and they were fantastic, nothing was too much trouble.
      There have been some good tips so far regards buying books to explain the flight etc. Speaking to your pharmacist before setting off is also a good idea.
      We also packed loads of toys and colouring books for our boys but they didn't use half of them.
      I think the two things that made our trip so much easier was booking a room at Singapore airport hotel, where we were all able to have a shower and sleep for a few hours before having an explore around the airport. (You are able to leave all your hand luggage in the room).
      The other thing that helped was booking flights mainly over the boys sleep times and we took car seats for the older 2 to keep them comfortable. I guess your 5 year old wont be in a car seat but maybe pack a big blanket or pillow so that they can get really comfortable and snug, consequently ours slept 90%of both flights.
      Also dress warm and comfortable as the planes were really supper air conditioned and we all had big jumpers on to keep warm.
      My eldest got a nasty tummy bug just before landing at Singapore and was sick everywhere, unfortunately I hadn't packed a change of clothes for him and the only thing I could find to fit him in the airport was girls!! Fortunately he was to young to mind but a change of clothes is definitely handy.
      Hope this helps!! Above all just stay calm and make it fun, the flight has to happen either way but if the children pick up on your stress it may upset them making things more difficult for you guys.
      Good luck xx
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