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    Thread: Driving age limit....

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      Driving age limit....

      Had heard that 16 year olds can drive in Australia....is this true?? If so are there any restrictions because of age as opposed to restrictions as a learner. EG in the UK a 16 year old used to be able to drive (not that they would want to ) a robin reliant that had a deactivated reverse gear!!!

      Also what age can you start riding a moped/motorcycle and what are the restrictions involved with that??

      Thanks in advance.:)

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      Teens can go for their L's at 16, they have to pass a test in the DL office, once armed with the little cert they can have lessons with any qualified and experienced driver and of course paid instructors...theyre on their L's for a (changing) period of time - was 6mths, think its 12 now, they have to complete a logbook and so many hours of driving, they have to be ticked off on areas of the logbook then they can sit the test for their P's...they spend 2yrs on the P plate, and as long as theres no infringements they get their regualer licence.

      Took my daughter 3 goes at the L's shes passed and getting her hours in...
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      I don't see the age being a problem. What they are allowed to drive is scary stuff with minimal insurance

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      I don't see the age being a problem. What they are allowed to drive is scary stuff with minimal insurance

      Yeah i know some people who support the rise of the age limit to 18....not me!

      Can't see how anyone can say that all 18 year olds are going to be more mature than all 16 year olds...They are all different...

      BUT i do agree with kangomik.......its what they are allowed to drive that is scary!
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      currently .....spend 6 months minimum on L plates, max speed allowed is 80 km/hr. Must do 50 hours with fully licenced driver. 10 hours must be night driving.

      Soon .....spend 1 yr on Ls, 75 hrs driving. Will be allowed to drive upto 100k as they need experience at this in the country.
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      What about motorcycles or do your answers include them as well???

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